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Floyd Mayweather beard transplant

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Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr surprised the world, in the beginning of 2021, by showing up without his sign marked goatee and slick shaved head. Instead, he stunned the American sport scene by having a full beard and hair growth all over his head.

Due to his years in the tabloids medical experts flocked to compare pictures of his face trying to analyse what had really happened. Without hearing his own comments on the matter, it was obvious to see that Mayweather used to have bald patches on his cheeks and no hair growth on the top front sides of his head.

To go for the small goat beard and a fully shaved head was an easy and convenient way to disguise that. “From one day to another he had a beard” read the headlines and the speculations have been going on since and his new look has been publicly commented on and joked about by other celebrities.

A new phase in life – a new bold look

For women the act of changing hairstyle and/or hair colour upon ending a relationship, or a job, is a known sign that the person is moving on to something new and a change has occurred. For many it is also a quest to find their own new self.

While this has been a “funny thing” for women, it has been more of a taboo for men. Changes and trying new things have in many cultures been seen as a sign of weakness. “Real men” are supposed to be bulky, have a lot of hair and beard – all without ever having to go to the gym nor the doctor.

By changing his look so significantly Mayweather – in almost one go – told the world he was ready for something new. Suddenly he also gave men the permission to change their appearances in ways that previously only were associated with the Madonnas and the Gagas of the world.

Nobody was thinking of it before when there was nothing to compare with. However, it is clear to see that the man Mayweather is today, neither hiding under caps, is a man proud and happy with himself and confident to let people take photographs and talk to him.

Where was he before one may wonder. That said it also comes down to helping oneself. If you ever considered doing something about your beard and hair this is how it happens:

Who can get helped by a beard transplantation?

Most common are the categories of problems:

  •  Bald patches (like Mayweather)
  • Genetically very little facial hair growth
  • Scares to be covered or minimised

What is the most common treatment of resolving this problem?

The most common way, when doing a beard transplantation, is what is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). During the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon will remove individual hair follicles, often from the back of your head, and place them creatively where there are bald patches, or the beard is thin.

With this advanced method the hair starts to grow back within 3 to 4 months, in its new areas, and the result blends in easily and nicely with the already existing hair. Overall, the procedure is very safe and has a high success rate.

Transplanting from your own body also reduces the risk of the body rejecting it, as well as possible inflammations.

What are the steps to get a beard transplantation booked?

  1. First we recommend that you do a bit of reading up yourself.
  2. After that you can do a little research and compare clinic results and success rates.
  3. Most clinics offer a free consultation – attend those and have all your questions answered.
  4. Now when you know more you can also consider aftercare and costs related to your preferred treatment and budget.
  5. Doing it away from home is usually recommended, not just for possible reduced costs, but also that most often it reduces any sense of everyday stress, which directly affects the initial healing process.
  6. Book and prepare yourself. Being in optimal health always help.
  7. Have the procedure done and continue taking good care of yourself including following doctor’s orders for optimal recovery.

One new beard – many new looks

Improving a beard this way is something that you will have with you for the rest of your life. If you are thickening it, and you are young, it can of course happen that you may need to do it an additional time many years later. However, what was resolved the first time around will remain unless any external type of accident occurs.

Just because you have improved your beard doesn’t mean you have to run around looking like a man from the stone-ages. The new beard can be shaved and trimmed, sooner than you know it, and you can change style and look as many times as you wish. It is nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity and to keep taking good care of both your beard, hair, and general health.

A new hairline while at it

As seen, Mayweather, most likely also had his hairline adjusted at the same time. It is fully possible to have the procedures done at the same time and give far more styling options with a full hair.

Other celebrities expected to have done the same are for instance Formula Ones Lewis Hamilton, who did a similar appearance stunt, when changing from McLaren to Mercedes. His now notorious rasta-look clearly has a lower and better hairline compared to before, just like Mayweather.

In the same manner no one would blame a woman for not accepting her hair going grey too early, no one is any longer expecting men to have to accept and live with thin hair or poor facial hair growth.

It does not have to be dangerous nor cost a fortune available for everyone. This is an established form of treatment these days and you can feel safe how it is performed.

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