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Beard Hair Growth Products

IdealofMed Beard Hair Growth Products

With all the products on the market advertising for beard growth, it becomes difficult to determine which of them would actually help you with your beard growth. So we have put together a list with beard hair growth products that will boost your beard growth and approve the atheistic appearance of your beard. 1. 2X […]

What Causes Beard Hair Loss?

Beard Hair Loss Causes - Razor Burn

This is your full guide to what causes beard hair loss. There are various causes for non-permanent beard hair loss including genetics and other factors like stress, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalance, lifestyle, and diet, but at the same time, there are many treatment options available. What is Beard Hair Loss? Beard Hair Loss, or Alopecia […]

Is It Normal To Lose Beard Hair?

Is It Normal To Lose Beard Hair?

Most people expect to experience hair loss and aren’t worried to see some hair in the bathtub or shower, but seeing one’s beard losing hair must be abnormal, right? Wrong! When talking about beard hair loss, we’re not referring to people having difficulty growing a beard or having uneven or patchy beard growth, but where […]

Floyd Mayweather beard transplant

Floyd Mayweather beard transplant

Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr surprised the world, in the beginning of 2021, by showing up without his sign marked goatee and slick shaved head. Instead, he stunned the American sport scene by having a full beard and hair growth all over his head. Due to his years in the tabloids medical experts flocked to […]

Bald Patch in Beard: Causes and Treatments

Bald patch in beard

A bald patch in beard may arise for many different reasons. Among the most frequent causes include chemotherapy, ringworm, and alopecia. In-depth explanations of these causes, symptoms and treatments of hair loss experienced in your beard. Causes of Bald Patch in Beard There are several factors that can cause bald spots to appear in a […]

Learn About Beard Transplant Risks

beard transplant risks

It will increase a man’s confidence to grow a full, thick beard, but not everyone is fortunate enough to grow such facial hair. It is becoming increasingly popular among men who have difficulty growing a beard to have their beard restored. For men who wish to have a beard transplant, it is of the utmost […]