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The growing popularity of trendy beards can be attributed to social media influences and cultural icons. Additionally, many men lack the ability to grow beards, making them feel self-conscious. If you desire luscious facial hair for any reason, a beard hair transplant might be able to help you achieve it. Hair is extracted from the donor site and implanted at the recipient site in the process of beard hair transplantation. When a beard is transplanted, it is usually placed on the cheeks, chin, or neck. While this all sounds great, what are the possible beard transplant pros and cons? Let’s have a look.

Pros to Getting a Beard Transplant

There are many reasons as to why men choose to go for a beard transplant in Turkey. Upon undergoing your consultation with your doctor, they should give you all the beard transplant pros and cons. Let’s see what some of the advantages of getting a beard transplant are:

  • Natural Looking Results: More than 90% of males that go for beard transplantations are extremely happy with their natural-looking results. It won’t look like hair plugs.
  • Hard to see scars: This procedure produces virtually no scars that can easily be covered once your hair starts growing. 
  • Fast recovery: The recovery is a short one. With just one day of rest, you can thereafter be up and about, with avoiding certain strenuous activities.
  • Virtually no pain: Local anaesthesia is used so there will be no virtual pain. You may feel an uncomfortable pinch here or there, but nothing to worry about.
  • Permanent results: If well looked after, a beard transplant produces permanent results.

beard transplant pros and cons

Cons to Getting a Beard Transplant 

When looking at beard transplant pros and cons, you will see that the pros far outweigh the cons. Some of the cons, while they may be rare, involved when getting a beard transplant include the following:

  • Overharvesting: If you go to an inexperienced doctor, you run the risk of having your hair follicles being overharvested. This leads to unnecessary scarring, hair growing in patches and too few hair follicles available for follow-up treatments if needed.
  • Infection: As with any surgical procedure, you run the risk of getting an infection if no proper aftercare is taken.
  • Timely Process: You will first need to see new hair growth around 6 months after your procedure, and you will need to wait around 1 year to see your final results.
  • Possible side effects: Some side effects can include scarring, however not very noticeable. Once your hair starts growing it can be easily covered. A few other side effects could include the surgical sites excreting pus or crusting us, bleeding and a loss of sensation.

Is a Beard Transplantation the Right Thing For You?

This is a procedure that you need to put a lot of thought into. Now that you’ve seen some of the possible beard transplant pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide if you’d still want to carry on with the procedure. More than 90% of men are happy with their end result after a beard transplant.

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